Bead Embroidery with Cabochons

(Cabbing with Donna)

When: Two Saturdays:  May 15 and 22. From 12 PM – 5 PM

Where:  A limited number of participants may take the class at Owl be Beading in Bethlehem. The rest may take the class via Zoom.  Zoom information will be given at a later date closer to the class.


Cost:  $35 for the class

Kits are available at Owl Be Beading.  They range in price from $45 - $75.  Because these kits are being sold at cost each participant may only purchase 1(one) kit at this price.  After everyone has their kit for the class - any remaining will be sold at retail price - which is double the price on the kit.

Participants need not purchase a kit.

Who: The class is open to members of The Bead Society of Eastern PA.  Registration form can be downloaded by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.


Each kit contains two stones or two main elements, as well as suggested beads.  I expect participants to walk away with a pendant that is wearable, as opposed to overlarge or weird. I encourage each participant to choose the kit based on the stones, and if he/she wishes to swap out the beads for colors in her stash, go for it. 

I will teach basic techniques for peyote bezels, and arrangement of stones and what beads to use where and how, bails, edging options, etc.


The primary goal of the class is to have fun and to do the unexpected. This is not bead by number, and every pendant will be different and reflect the tastes of its owner. I will suggest, but you can do it your own way or choose your own beads, or make it larger or smaller. 

I will demonstrate ways to change the shape of your stone through the use of beads and how to incorporate pearls, crystals, teardrops and Czech beads to create texture. 

I encourage you to add from your stash, especially if you have a favorite color, want to add sew-on crystals or incorporate that beaded element that is sitting on your bead table left over from something else.

In fact, make your own kit from your own stones and beads.

I will teach you how to add fringe, even though some people won’t want it, nor will it suit everyone.

I don’t plan to teach the neckpiece.  We all know how to make twisted tubular Ndebele ropes, CRAW ropes, etc., and I think exploring bead embroidery is more worthwhile in this class.

The stones in the kits may seem smaller than you expected, but I’m hoping we play with bead embroidery and your piece will quickly grow unwieldy if the stones are too large.

Please visit my Pinterest account ahead of time for tons of ideas.

Google: Donna Jean Faye and go to my pinterest account. (or open Pinterest  and put Donna Jean Faye into the search bar.)

Then choose the board “seed bead pendants” I have hundreds of examples and inspiration from other artists there.

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